Pernille Rosendahl

Musical powerhouse with a voice that echoes emotion

Pernille Rosendahl

Pernille Rosendahl has consistently shown herself to be among the most gifted and multifaceted artists in the Danish music scene. Both as a the front figure in the bands Swan Lee and The Storm, but also in her recent solo work, Rosendahl's distinct vocal and remarkable ability to stir deep emotions have left both audiences and critics in awe.

With a career spanning more than two decades, Rosendahl has tirelessly sharpened her musical style and built a multifaceted repertoire. Her knack for blending elements of pop, rock, and indie has resulted in a string of hits and a devoted fan base.

Rosendahl's solo career has flourished since 2016, when she released her debut album, "Dark Bird", lauded for its deeply personal and emotionally resonant sound. Her creative journey continued to evolve with her latest album, "The Hurt" in 2019, which marked another milestone in her musical career. It demonstrated her profound songwriting skills and emotive vocal range, once again impressing her audience and reinforcing her status as a prominent artist in the music industry.


Renowned for her captivating live performances, Rosendahl's charisma and authenticity create an atmosphere that's uniquely hers. With her impressive catalogue of songs and talent for engaging the audience, Rosendahl stands tall as one of Denmark's brightest musical stars.

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