A voice echoing with thousands of stories

Dorthe Gerlach

Dorthe Gerlach

With a unique timbre and a persistent presence, Dorthe Gerlach invites the listener on a mesmerizing musical journey. As a solo artist, Gerlach creates an atmosphere rich in emotion and intimacy, where quiet vulnerability and thundering intensity take shape through precise and poetic Danish language.

Within her americana-melancholy-pop universe, Gerlach delivers a magnetic performance that leaves a profound impression. Her down-to-earth and humorous approach makes her a genuine storyteller, unhesitant to share pieces of herself when she connects with her music and audience.

For over two decades, Gerlach has been one half of the dynamic duo, HUSH, renowned for their thought-provoking and present country-pop. However, as a solo artist, Gerlach's voice and narratives are given the chance to step even further into the spotlight, creating an unparalleled musical experience.

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