The eternal pop legends of the 90's


No other band represents the late 90’s like the Danish dance-pop group AQUA. The band got their world-wide break back in 1997 with their debut album ‘Aquarium.’ The album contained hit singles like ‘Turn Back Time, ‘Doctor Jones’ and the notorious hit ‘Barbie Girl,’ which upon its release in May 1997 became a global phenomenon, making everyone sing along to the lines “I’m a Barbie Girl, in the Barbie World”.

Thanks to the doll-centered storyline and kitschy music video, which perfectly matched the playful aesthetic of the 90’s perfectly, the single raced to the top of the charts worldwide and became an instant classic. Even though the song sounded tailor-made for children, the lyrics told a different and much more un-child friendly story, which infuriated parents everywhere. Nonetheless, the plastic fantastic song catapulted AQUA into the public consciousness.

Fast forward to today  and AQUA keeps touring around the world! No other band can bring out the memories of the late 90’s as AQUA.  AQUA has sold 38 million albums, 7 million singles and belongs to the absolute elite of music. Early 2022 the Music video of Barbie Girl reached more than one billion views on YouTube and to this day is still amoung the most used songs on Instagram Reels.

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